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NEW GUIDANCE: Draft Queensland Organics Strategy 2022-2032

The QLD Government has released for comment the draft Queensland Organics Strategy 2022–2032  that proposes how the QLD Government can reduce…[Read More]

QLD Organics Strategy 2022-2032 – Comment sought

The Queensland Government has released the draft Queensland Organics Strategy 2022–2032 (Strategy) that proposes how organic waste can be reduced from going…[Read More]

Draft End of Waste Codes – Comment sought

The Queensland Government is seeking comment on the following Draft End of Waste Codes:DRAFT – End of Waste Code –…[Read More]

QLD State of the Environment report

The Queensland State of the Environment 2020 report (SOE) has been released that provides an assessment of Queensland’s environmental performance…[Read More]

Draft amendment of the end of waste (EOW) Code – Ferrous Chloride

The QLD Department of Environment and Science is proposing to amend the current End of Waste (EOW) code for Ferrous…[Read More]

Qld Government seeks Brigalow Belt Environmental Offset Provider

The QLD Government is looking for landowners in the central Brigalow Belt bioregion to become environmental offset providers (provider).  The properties…[Read More]

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: QLD Recycling Modernisation Fund

The QLD Government is providing funding under the QLD Recycling Modernisation Fund and invites applications from public or private companies,…[Read More]

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Recycling in Queensland – Now open

The Federal and QLD Governments will each invest $20 million in the $40 million Recycling Modernisation Fund (RMF) with QLD…[Read More]

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: $40M for recycling modernisation

The Queensland Government has announced that $40 million is available in funding for the scale up and transformation of the…[Read More]

Fine for power station operator

The NSW EPA has fined a power station $15,000 for alleged air pollution offences.The power station was allegedly exceeding the…[Read More]

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