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The Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) Membership benefits provide a one-stop shop on the latest changes on environmental and carbon matters from across Australia that are likely to impact your organisation and business operations.

AEBN provides member organisations and their staff with 11 core Membership services, aimed to keep you up to date with the ongoing changes.  Membership benefits are listed as follow: 

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WEEKLY E-NEWS National Environment Network Weekly (ENW) e-newsletter

Keeping you up to date with the changes on environmental and carbon matters on a weekly basis

The weekly National ENW e-news aims to provide members with the latest changes, news and information likely to impact industry, business and councils from across Australia.  The National ENW e-news covers the Commonwealth, VIC, NSW, QLD, SA & WA on matters, such as:

  • Changes to Federal and State environmental and carbon  legislation, guidelines, policies, reviews 
  • Updates on environmental and carbon reporting requirements
  • Grants and funding opportunities
  • Government initiatives and programs
  • Case studies on environmental best practice
  • Various new innovative technologies
  • Environmental local and global trends
  • News as it happens!

Please note: 

  • For organisations –
    • with up to 999 employees, please nominate up to 8 colleagues to receive the weekly National ENW e-news distributed Monday of each week;  

    • with 1,000+ employees, please nominate up to 12 colleagues to receive the weekly National ENW e-news distributed on Monday of each week;  

    • that require additional colleagues (over and above the limit as above) to receive the weekly National ENW e-news, a minimal fee of $190 per person per annum will apply.  Please contact AEBN National Office on 03 9397 2511 or email

  • The National ENW e-news ceases production from the first week of December and resumes on the second Monday in February of each year.


NEWS Portal – Online library of articles reported in the weekly National ENW e-news – available 24/7

Online library of articles reported each week in AEBN’s National ENW e-news are available for access by  TOPIC,  STATE  or  DATE – 24/7 anywhere, anytime.

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Unlimited staff access to AEBN Member-online Portal and services

All staff from across Australia, within the Member organisation, will have access to Member services.




Members attend AEBN Events at the ‘Member Rate’ – providing significant cost savings

AEBN events/webinars provide a practical and an all-round perspective by the regulators, lawyers, industry experts and technical/scientists – to assist you in understanding IF, HOW and WHEN change should be implemented within your business operations.  Click Events & Training for the latest AEBN events.


Discounted Member Rates on all in-house training

AEBN provides in-house training and workshops to the needs of your staff and organisational requirements, delivered at your site.

Visit our Events and/or In-house Training for details, or Contact us .


*Complimentary 30 minutes of legal information – per environmental issue

This service is proudly provided to Members by environmental lawyers, from prominent national and international law firms that are members of the AEBN.  

Contact us to access this service and ask for Legal Information and Referral Service.


Member Networking Drinks –

Provides the opportunity to meet industry leaders from the private and public sectors, academia, leading law firms, consultants, environmental practitioners and members with a similar interest – providing you with leads, ideas and solutions.


CASE STUDIES Portal – Promote your environmental best practice

Promote your case studies on environmental best practice, implemented within your business, through AEBN’s CASE STUDIES Portal that will provide your organisation with a high level of exposure to your customers and potential customers.

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ADVERTISE JOBSJOBS Portal – Advertise your vacant positions on AEBN’s JOBS Portal which will feature until the closing date of your advertised position

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Discounted Member Rates on all consultancy delivered by the AEBN 

A range of consultancy is provided by the AEBN to Member organisations in the areas of:

  • Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances/Chemicals Auditing
  • Globally Harmonised System for the Classification and Labelling of Chemicals
  • Risk Assessments
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Environmental Management
  • Management System Development, and
  • much more…

AEBN will also provide members with leads to consultants that are considered experts in the field.


Lobbying and representation – policy action

AEBN provides members with representation and the opportunity to influence the regulator through submissions to Federal and State Governments.


NOTE:   One Membership will apply to an organisation and its entities that share the same Australian Business Number (ABN), trade under the same company name and Brand.  A separate membership will be required for organisations with entities that do not share the same Australian Business Number (ABN) or trade under the same company name.   All Membership benefits will be available to all staff within the member organisation across Australia (except for the AEBN National ENW e-news).  

*Legal Information and Referral Service: 

All AEBN member law firms participating in this service offer an initial interview free of charge.  Members may use this interview to determine with the lawyer the nature of any legal issue and discuss available options.  Members may also request an estimate of costs should they wish to proceed with legal advice and representation.  

Please note:  If you request the lawyer to undertake any legal work on your behalf (e.g. reading contracts, writing letters, etc.) the lawyer’s normal fees and engagement processes may apply.  Please be sure to discuss these costs and processes before any work is undertaken on your behalf.


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