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The Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) Membership benefits provides a one-stop shop on the latest changes on environmental, energy and carbon matters from across Australia, likely to impact your organisation and business operations.

AEBN provides member organisations and their staff with 10 core Membership services aimed to keep you at the forefront of the changes – listed as follow: 

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WEEKLY E-NEWS AEBN Environment Network Weekly (ENW) e-news

Keeping you at the forefront of your environmental and carbon obligations on a weekly basis

The weekly ENW e-news aims to provide members with the latest changes, news and information likely to impact industry, business and councils on matters, such as:

    • Changes to Federal and State (VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, WA) environmental and carbon legislation, guidelines, policies, reviews
    • Updates on environmental and carbon obligations and reporting requirements
    • Grants and funding opportunities
    • Government initiatives and programs
    • Case studies on environmental best practice
    • New innovative technologies
    • Local and global trends on environmental, energy and carbon management,
    • News as it happens!

National Members:

Receive the weekly National ENW e-news that aims to cover changes to Federal, VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, WA environmental and carbon laws and obligations.  Up to 8 colleagues, within your organisation, will receive the National ENW e-news each Friday;

State Members:

Receive the weekly State ENW e-news that aims to cover the Federal and ‘your nominated State’s’ (select either: VIC, NSW, QLD, SA or WA) environmental and carbon laws and obligations.  Up to 4 colleagues within your organisation will receive the State ENW e-news each Friday.

Please note: 

  • An additional fee of $70 per person per annum applies for additional recipients of the weekly AEBN ENW e-news;

  • The National and State ENW e-news ceases production from the second week of December and resumes on the first week of February of each year.
OBLIGATIONS ONLINE –Online NEWS Portal – aims to keep you up-to-date with your environmental  and carbon obligations – 24/7

To assist our members in keeping up-to-date with their environmental and carbon obligations, AEBN has developed the online ‘NEWS’ Portal to provide members with 24/7 access to articles that we report on in our weekly AEBN ENW e-news.  Members can search for articles by:  TOPIC,  STATE  or  DATE.

Members access this service by using their Member Login and Password.

EVENTS –Members attend AEBN events (workshops, seminars, briefings) at the Member Rate – providing significant cost savings

AEBN events provide a practical and an all round perspective, by the experts – legal, regulatory, industry, technical/scientific, to assist you in understanding IF, HOW and WHEN change should be implemented within your business operations.

NETWORKING –Member Networking Drinks –

AEBN provides Members with the opportunity to meet industry leaders from the private and public sectors, academia, leading law firms, consultants, environmental practitioners and members with a similar interest – providing you with leads and solutions for the future.

The AEBN will notify all members of the next Member Networking Drinks event.

LEGAL ADVICE –30 minutes of free legal advice per call, per environmental issue

This service is proudly provided by Australia’s leading national and international law firms that are members of the AEBN.

Contact us to access this service.


Promote your environmental best practice through AEBN’s Case Studies portal

The AEBN encourages the implementation of environmental best practice within your business.  To celebrate this, the AEBN provides members with the opportunity to post your case studies onto the online Case Studies portal – providing your organisation with a high level of exposure.

Members access this service by using their Member Login and Password.

JOBS –Advertise your vacant positions on our website

    • Advertise your vacant positions free on AEBN’s JOBS portal
    • Vacant positions will feature until the closing date of the advertised position
    • The JOBS portal will be extensively promoted to members on a weekly basis
    • Vacant positions may consist of, but not limited to, roles within the field of – environment, water, energy, chemicals, air quality, recycling, sustainability, OH&S…, and may include positions such as – engineers, consultants, lawyers, scientists, planners, co-ordinators and field officers, including positions of all levels…
Members access this service by using their Member Login and Password.

CONSULTANCY –Member organisations receive 20% discount on all consultancy delivered by the AEBN

A range of consultancy is provided by AEBN to Member organisations within the fields of:

    • Dangerous Goods Auditing
    • Hazardous Chemical Substances Auditing
    • Risk Assessments
    • Compliance Auditing
    • Management System Development
    • Project Management, and
    • much more…

AEBN will also provide members with leads to consultants who are considered experts in the field.

IN-HOUSE TRAINING –Member organisations receive 20% discount

AEBN provides in-house training and workshops to the needs of your staff and organisational requirements.  The AEBN will deliver in-house training at your site.

Visit our Events and In-house Training for details of our courses or Contact Us.

INFLUENCE THE REGULATOR –Lobbying and representation – policy action

AEBN provides members with representation and the opportunity to influence the regulator.

AEBN submissions to federal and state governments are generated from the feedback received from members at our forums on draft legislation, policies and reviews.

Details will be presented to members by our experts providing you with an all round understanding of the impacts and opportunities to your organisation and business operations.  Members will be provided with the opportunity to provide feedback that will be incorporated into AEBN’s Submissions on behalf of Members.  Members will be advised of forums where member input will be required for AEBN Submissions.

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