Representing industry, business and councils across Australia on
environmental and energy matters likely to impact your business operations

AEBN aims to keep its members at the forefront of changes
to environmental and energy obligations

AEBN Seminars and Workshops - provide an all round perspective to assist you
in understanding if, how and when change should be implemented within
your business

AEBN Networking - provides our members the opportunity to meet industry leaders
and discuss the latest environmental innovative concepts, providing
ideas, leads and solutions

Our vision is to be the leading organisation, positioning
businesses for a sustainable future

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What's New

WORKSHOP - 17 MAY 2018: Emergency Planning and Response to Incidents

This AEBN Workshop will provide the latest Emergency Response laws from across Australia, guidance to develop, update and implement an appropriate Emergency Response Plan for[ more]

WORKSHOP: 29 JUNE 2018 - How to Demonstrate Environmental Compliance to the Regulators

(AM HALF DAY) - Are you confident that you can demonstrate compliance to the Environment Regulators? This practical AEBN half day Workshop will provide[ more]

WORKSHOP: 29 JUNE 2018 - Effective tools for Communicating with Environment and Safety Regulators

(PM HALF DAY) - How prepared are you to respond to a visit/investigation by the Environment or Safety Regulators? Do you fully understand your Rights[ more]


Membership to AEBN will keep you at the forefront of your environmental and carbon obligations; provide access to a team of experts that understand compliance[ more]
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