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Climate Disclosures for Corporations within Annual Reports: Released by KPMG

KPMG has released the report – Climate Disclosures within the Annual Report that discusses how emerging impacts of climate change…[Read More]

Water Resource Plans for SA, QLD and VIC areas of Murray Darling Basin now in force

Water Resource Plans (WRP) for South Australian, Queensland and Victorian areas of the Murray-Darling Basin are now in force.Federal Minister…[Read More]

Kights Body Temperature Scanner: Building confidence in the workplace and community

Australians’ new way of life in a COVID-19 environment includes social distancing, lots of hand santiser, and a new measure…[Read More]

More EPA Victoria offices to soon open

Additional offices for EPA Victoria will  soon open in Sunshine and Preston.  Once these locations have opened,  EPA Victoria staff…[Read More]

EPA Victoria using drones for evidence on non compliance activity

EPA Victoria is using aerial drones to gather evidence for non compliance.  One of the most recent prosecutions where EPA…[Read More]

Reasonably priced electricity option for small business and households: Consultation paper released for comment

The Essential Services Commission is seeking comment on the recently released consultation paper on the Victorian Default Offer for electricity. The…[Read More]

34 criminal charges against company and its Director responsible for Tottenham toxic fire

EPA Victoria has recently filed a total of 34 criminal charges, following a criminal investigation into a site in Tottenham…[Read More]

Alcoa issued with works approval for two new landfill cells

EPA Victoria has issued Alcoa of Australia Ltd with a Works Approval for two new landfill cells to accept waste…[Read More]

IPART outlines Sydney Water’s new maximum prices for water, wastewater and stormwater services for customers: Commencing 1 July 2020

A final report was released this week by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) that outlines Sydney Water’s new…[Read More]

Water supply boost for Tamworth

NSW’s Tamworth’s water supply will be boosted by an environmental approval of a drought response pipeline to keep the water…[Read More]

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