Changes to the Product Stewardship (Televisions and Computers) Regulations

The Federal Department of the Environment and Energy has advised that changes have been made to the Product Stewardship (Televisions…[Read More]

Draft Industry Regulation Guide to Licensing

WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) is relaunching the Industry Regulation Guide to Licensing (draft) (Guide to Licensing).The document…[Read More]

Large-scale Renewable Energy Target market data for May 2018

The Federal Clean Energy Regulator has released new market data for May 2018 for the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target.The data…[Read More]

Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2018 – Major re-write of Victoria’s Environmental laws

Article written for AEBN Members by Dr Meredith Gibbs, Special Counsel and Shirley Chen, Associate, Baker & McKenzie law firm…[Read More]

NEW GUIDELINES – Storing and handling of liquid substances

The Victorian Environment Protection Authority has released the Liquid storage and handling guidelines.The guidelines outline the principles for preventing harm…[Read More]

Updated VEET product application requirements – Released

The Victorian Essential Services Commission has released updated product application requirements under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target scheme, for Schedules…[Read More]

Victoria bans plastic bags from 2019

The Victorian Government has announced a ban on single-use, lightweight plastic shopping bags from late 2019.The ban will include all…[Read More]

Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2018 – Introduced to Victorian Parliament

The Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change has introduced the Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2018 to the Victorian…[Read More]

Report: Progress in delivering Australia’s 2020 Renewable Energy Target – Released by Clean Energy Regulator

The Clean Energy Regulator has released the report Progress in 2017: Delivering Australia’s 2020 Renewable Energy Target.The report provides an…[Read More]

GUIDELINES: SA Draft updated landfill guidelines – Released for comment

The South Australian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) released an updated landfill guideline for consultation.The draft Environmental management of landfill facilities…[Read More]

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