REMINDER: Managing regulated wastes in QLD

The following information is provided by the QLD Government as a reminder to businesses with operations in QLD: Under the Environmental Protection…[Read More]

NSW EPA response to 2021 WA guidelines on Asbestos contaminated sites

On 24 August 2021, the WA Department of Health released the revised Guidelines for the Assessment, Remediation and Management of…[Read More]

NEW GUIDELINE: Applications for a permit to clear native vegetation relating to carbon farming projects

The WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) has released the new Guideline: Applications for a permit to clear…[Read More]

NEW GUIDELINE: Reviewing Industry Regulation Licences

The WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has released a Guideline for reviewing Industry Regulation licences (issued under the…[Read More]

DRAFT GUIDELINE: Sprint exemptions

The WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is seeking public comment on the draft Guideline: Spring exemptions under Part III…[Read More]

NEW GUIDANCE: Outlines fit and proper person status for Project Proponents who are Carbon Service Providers (CSPs)

The Clean Energy Regulator has released new guidance that outlines the fit and proper person status expectations applied to Project…[Read More]

NSW EPA Prosecution Guidelines

NSW EPA has released their prosecution guidelines that set out the factors the EPA takes into account in deciding whether, how…[Read More]

NEW GUIDANCE AND CHECKLIST: For light industry operators to undertake environmental assessment of their business premises

A checklist to help light industry operators prepare for an environmental assessment at your business premises to identify areas and…[Read More]

NEW GUIDELINES: Environmental Auditor Guidelines for Appointment and Conduct

EPA Victoria has released the Environmental auditor guidelines for appointment and conduct. The guidelines explain the process for appointment and…[Read More]

NEW GUIDELINES for Groundwater Sampling

EPA Victoria has released new guidelines for groundwater sampling that have been developed to assist those undertaking bore drilling and…[Read More]

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