Proposed methodology for deriving background level concentration when assessing potentially contaminated land

EPA Victoria has released the proposed methodology for deriving background level concentration when assessing potentially contaminated land that comprises a…[Read More]

New reports relating to Captains Flat contamination

This week, NSW EPA released two new publications that relate to the contamination at and around the Captains Flat area…[Read More]

Have your say: Financial assurance estimation

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is consulting on a draft financial assurance policy and guideline to ensure that those…[Read More]

New Victorian Contaminated Land publications: Released

EPA Victoria has released three publications this week on the contaminated land framework under the new Environment Protection Act 2017.The…[Read More]

Contamination assessment for Empire Bay Marina

An assessment will be conducted at the Empire Bay Marina, NSW to examine the site’s contamination levels and help inform…[Read More]

NSW EPA carries out precautionary testing for lead beyond the former Lake George Mine

NSW EPA is carrying out precautionary testing in public and community areas at Captains Flat, NSW, over the next few…[Read More]

‘Proposed final’ version of Victoria’s new environmental laws: Released

In mid December 2020, EPA Victoria released the ‘proposed final’ versions of the new subordinate legislation to the Environment Protection…[Read More]

Site Contamination Audit System publications: Updated

EPA SA has released the following two updated publications that relate to the site contamination audit system:Site Contamination Audit System…[Read More]

Preparation of Rehabilitation Plans: Guideline for Extractive Industry: Comment sought

The Victorian Government is seeking comment on the consultation draft for preparation of rehabilitation plans: Guideline for extractive industry projects.The…[Read More]

Groundwater Prohibition Area proposed for Tonsley and surrounding areas

EPA SA is proposing to introduce a Groundwater Prohibition Area (GPA) for Tonsley and parts of Clovelly Park, Mitchell Park…[Read More]

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