Draft Contaminated Land Management Regulation 2022 – Reminder to provide comment

NSW EPA is seeking feedback on the Draft Contaminated Land Management Regulation 2022.NSW Government has reviewed the Contaminated Land Management…[Read More]

Draft Contaminated Land Management Regulation 2022: Comment sought

NSW EPA has reviewed the Contaminated Land Management Regulation 2013 to ensure it reflects current best practice and is now…[Read More]

NSW EPA Seeks Nominations for Positions on Site Auditor Accreditation Panel

NSW EPA is seeking nominations for positions on the Accreditation Panel.The Panel is constituted under section 49 of the Contaminated…[Read More]

NEW GUIDELINES & FORMS for Conducting Environmental Audits

EPA Victoria has released a new guideline for conducting environmental audits.  This guideline has been prepared under section 203 of…[Read More]

NEW GUIDELIINES for Preliminary Risk Screen Assessment

EPA Victoria has released a new Guideline for conducting preliminary risk screen assessments.  The guideline applies to Preliminary Risk Screen Assessments…[Read More]

New Laws to make more Offenders Accountable for their Clean-up

New laws have passed in the NSW Parliament that will provide the NSW EPA with more powers to hold waste…[Read More]

New contaminated land practice note: Released by NSW EPA

A new contaminated land practice note has been published by NSW EPA for consultants, Preparing environmental management plans for contaminated…[Read More]

Prohibition on PFAS Contaminated Groundwater

EPA SA has established a Groundwater Prohibition Area (GPA) for parts of Edinburgh, Direk, Burton, Salisbury North, Penfield, Paralowie and…[Read More]

More Groundwater Assessment at Woodville

EPA SA is conducting additional groundwater assessments at Woodville to establish the extent of a proposed groundwater prohibition area.At this…[Read More]

Melrose Park Area: Further assessment to establish extent of contamination

EPA SA has announced that the boundary of the groundwater assessment area at Melrose Park has been expanded to the…[Read More]

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