Updated Soil Sampling for Waste Soils Guidance: Comment sought

EPA Victoria seeks your feedback on the updated guidance relating to soil sampling for waste soils.If you manage, control or…[Read More]

Contaminated Land Management: New NSW EPA cost recovery and site auditor fee changes

NSW EPA will be able to recover administrative costs for certain activities outlined in the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997.…[Read More]

Sampling requirements for contaminate service station sites

NSW EPA has published new guidelines to assist consultants, site auditors, regulators and planning authorities who undertake or review contamination…[Read More]

Groundwater prohibition area for Elizabeth South and surrounding suburbs

SA EPA will establish a Groundwater Prohibition Area (GPA) for parts of Elizabeth South, Edinburgh, Edinburgh North and Salisbury North…[Read More]

Position statement on WA guidelines for asbestos contaminated sites

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is seeking comment on a revised draft Position statement on management of asbestos-contaminated sites.This…[Read More]

EPA GUIDANCE on Site contamination, Air quality, Radioactive materials, equipment and transport

EPA SA has released the following publications that relate to site contamination, air quality, radioactive material, equipment and its transportation:Evaluation…[Read More]

Site contamination policy – certificate of practitioners

EPA SA has released the Site contamination policy ? certification of practitioners. The purpose of this publication is to outline…[Read More]

Australia’s first national action plan on soil: Comment sought

The Federal Department of  Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is seeking comment on Australia’s first  national action plan on soil. All stakeholders…[Read More]

Maribyrnong River: Sampling in flood affected areas for contamination

EPA Victoria has stated that they have been sampling in flood affected areas along the Maribyrnong River and have found…[Read More]

EPA announces testing in flood areas

EPA Victoria has announced enhanced soil and water testing in flood-impacted communities to support clean-up efforts.EPA Chief Environmental Scientist Professor…[Read More]

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