NSW EPA releases policy on use of Pesticides

NSW EPA administers the NSW Pesticides Act 1999 (the Act) to control the use of pesticides in NSW and reduce…[Read More]

Sampling requirements for contaminate service station sites

NSW EPA has published new guidelines to assist consultants, site auditors, regulators and planning authorities who undertake or review contamination…[Read More]

New commercial and industrial noise policy for SA

On 31 October 2023, a new SA noise policy will come into effect.The new policy, which will operate under the Environment…[Read More]

Comprehensive policy to shape SA’s energy future: Comment sought

The SA Government is embarking on a consultative process to develop a comprehensive energy transition policy for the next three…[Read More]

New SA noise policy: Comment sought

EPA SA has released the new SA noise policy for the final phase of the consultation process. The development of…[Read More]

Suspension of Mining Operations Policy: Comment sought

Mining Exploration and Geoscience is seeking feedback on the draft Suspension of Mining Operations Policy.  The policy aims to provide…[Read More]

Construction and Demolition Recycling

WA’s  Waste avoidance and resource recovery strategy 2030 provides targets for Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste, including a material recovery…[Read More]

Energy customer policy reform: Comment sought

The NSW Government is working towards having red tape cut for energy customers (businesses) and to put customers at the…[Read More]

Policy changes for managing biofouling for ships: Commences 15 June 2022

International ships arriving in Australian waters will see a change in how they manage biofouling in 2022.Mr Andrew Tongue, Deputy…[Read More]

Contaminated Land Consultant Certification Policy

NSW EPA has released the Contaminated land consultant certification policy that sets out NSW EPA’s requirements for the use of…[Read More]

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