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NEW GUIDELINE: Wind farms environmental noise

EPA SA has released Wind farms environmental noise guidelines that aims to assist developers, planning and enforcement authorities, government agencies,…[Read More]

NEW GUIDANCE: For community engagement

EPA SA has released a new Guideline for community engagement that sets out EPA SA’s expectations of businesses and provides…[Read More]

Draft Adelaide Plains Water Allocation Plan

The SA Government is inviting comment on the draft Adelaide Plains Water Allocation Plan.  The overall aim of water allocation plans…[Read More]

Reviewing SA’s Container Deposit Scheme – Comment sought

SA Government is seeking your feedback on its Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) and how it can improve.SA had introduced Australia’s…[Read More]

New waste and recycling guides for SA businesses

SA’s Green Industries has released the latest resources to assist businesses in SA to manage waste and recycling for 2021. The…[Read More]

Recycling activity in SA 2019-20 report- Released

Green Industries SA has released the 2019-20 Recycling Activity Survey for South Australia report that provides a snapshot of the…[Read More]

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Assess-Implement-Monitor (AIM) Grants

Green Industries SA’s is providing grants through Assess-Implement-Monitor  that provides a subsidy for businesses to assess ways to implement more…[Read More]

PFAS update at West Lakes

EPA SA will prepare a determination report ahead of community consultation on the establishment of a groundwater prohibition area at…[Read More]

Energy Retail Price Offers Comparison Report 2020-21

The Essential Services Commission has provided the annual Energy Retail Price Offers Comparison Report 2020-21 to the SA Minister for…[Read More]

Reduced fees for olive processors

EPA SA has announced that olive processors that reuse wastewater instead of discharging to sewer have gained fee reductions from…[Read More]

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