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SA operator receives record fine for illegal processing of waste

A skip bin and demolition company in South Australia has been fined a total of $56,361 for the processing and…[Read More]

Draft SA Waste Strategy 2020-2025: Comment sought

Green Industries SA is seeking your comment on the draft South Australia’s Waste Strategy 2020-2025 to help build on South…[Read More]

Draft Strategy on Valuing our food waste: SA strategy to reduce and divert food waste – Comment sought

Green Industries SA is seeking your comments on the draft strategy – Valuing Our Food Waste: South Australia’s strategy to…[Read More]

Trial to use end-of-life truck tyres for roads

At least six SA Councils have agreed to take part in a trial using crumb rubber derived from end of…[Read More]

SA River Murray water allocations open at 40% for 2020-21 water year

SA River Murray water allocations will open at 40 percent for the 2020-21 water year and are likely to reach 100…[Read More]

EPA SA Board review for public notification

In late 2019, the SA Minister for Environment and Water had asked the EPA SA Board to review EPA’s public…[Read More]

EPA SA to pursue recovery of clean-up costs for non compliance

EPA SA will pursue to recover clean-up costs, through the courts, for the removal of thousands of tonnes of illegally…[Read More]

Draft Dredge Guideline: Comment sought

EPA SA has released the draft Dredge Guideline for comment and has also made available the Dredge guideline factsheet. The…[Read More]

EPA SA warning: Do not use bore water in Keswick, Forestville, Everard Park and Ashford due to contamination

EPA SA has been notified of site contamination affecting groundwater (bore water) in Forestville that may affect bores in parts…[Read More]

GRANT OPPORTUNITY: Assistance to businesses to transition to a Circular Economy

The SA Government’s Green Industries is offering the following grants to businesses to assist them to transition to a Circular…[Read More]

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