NEW GUIDELINE: Revised estimated rehabilitation cost calculators and guideline

The Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) has advised that the calculators and guideline used to determine the estimated…[Read More]

New Dangerous Goods Publications

The Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety has released a number of dangerous good publications:Safety equipment for…[Read More]

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Minerals Research Funding WA

WA’s mineral industry can now access funding under the WA Minerals Research Funding that undertake projects to address a challenge…[Read More]

Suspension of Mining Operations Policy: Comment sought

Mining Exploration and Geoscience is seeking feedback on the draft Suspension of Mining Operations Policy.  The policy aims to provide…[Read More]

Study on mine pit lakes and its water quality

There are more than 2,000 mine pit voids in WA, many of them fill with water, and it is important…[Read More]

NSW EPA cautions coal mines

NSW EPA has issued Official Cautions to six open cut coal mines in NSW following an EPA investigation into waste…[Read More]

Proposed variation to coal mine waste gas method: Comment sought

The Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee is seeking your comment on a proposed variation to the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative–Coal…[Read More]

NEW GUIDELINES to support the Environment Protection Act 2017

Further to last week’s release of new Guidelines to support the Environment Protection Act 20217 (the Act), this week additional…[Read More]

NEW GUIDANCE on regulation of mines

The NSW Environment Protection Authority has released a guide on how it regulates mines.The EPA is one of the agencies…[Read More]

Amendments to the Mining Act 1978: Have your say!

The WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) is seeking feedback on proposed amendments to the Mining Act…[Read More]

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