Abattoir fined $15K for failure to produce pollution reduction program

An abattoir, located in NSW, has been fined $15K for failing to produce a report on how it manages effluent…[Read More]

Summary of Penalty Infringement Notices by NSW EPA for October 2021

NSW EPA has released a summary of Penalty Infringement Notices (PIN) for October 2021. PINs include –licence breaches failing to…[Read More]

A breach of ozone protection laws: Company penalised

A Victorian company has been issued with a $13,320 infringement notice for breaching licencing requirements by importing equipment that contained…[Read More]

Illegal clearing of native vegetation

A $30,000 fine has been issued to a Wheatbelt person for illegally clearing 210 hectares of native vegetation on his…[Read More]

Reporting pollution incidents: Information for environment protection licence holders

NSW EPA has released the Reporting pollution incidents: information for environment protection licence holders publication that outlines:What you need to…[Read More]

EPA suspends company licence to operate Sunshine Landfill

EPA Victoria has suspended a company’s licence to operate the Sunshine landfill in Kealba.  The suspension relates to breaches caused…[Read More]

NSW EPA warns NSW industry of odour breaches

NSW EPA has released a statement encouraging industry licensed by the EPA to prepare their operations to reduce potential odour…[Read More]

Oils and Leaky Drums Result in Fine

EPA Victoria has fined an operator of a West Wodonga business $1,983 for storing waste oils and aviation fuel without…[Read More]

NSW EPA cautions coal mines

NSW EPA has issued Official Cautions to six open cut coal mines in NSW following an EPA investigation into waste…[Read More]

Industry sector compliance results

EPA SA has undertaken inspections of operators across four industries and have found that the majority are complying with their…[Read More]

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