Prohibition on PFAS Contaminated Groundwater

EPA SA has established a Groundwater Prohibition Area (GPA) for parts of Edinburgh, Direk, Burton, Salisbury North, Penfield, Paralowie and…[Read More]

More Groundwater Assessment at Woodville

EPA SA is conducting additional groundwater assessments at Woodville to establish the extent of a proposed groundwater prohibition area.At this…[Read More]

Melrose Park Area: Further assessment to establish extent of contamination

EPA SA has announced that the boundary of the groundwater assessment area at Melrose Park has been expanded to the…[Read More]

Study on mine pit lakes and its water quality

There are more than 2,000 mine pit voids in WA, many of them fill with water, and it is important…[Read More]

Environmental Contamination and subsequent clean-up: Factsheets released

Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE) has released a series of factsheets to…[Read More]

Proposed new guidelines to support Victoria’s contaminated land duties

EPA Victoria have released two proposed guidelines and seeks your comment regarding whether they are clear and easy to use.The…[Read More]

Audit system for site contamination auditors: New information released

EPA SA has updated information regarding the audit system for site contamination auditors operating in SA.  The updated document accredits specialist…[Read More]

Update on asbestos-contaminated material from Goolwa Waste Depot

EPA SA has written to 127 landowners to advise them of information that will be recorded on EPA SA’s Public…[Read More]

GRANT OPPORTUNITY: Soil Science Challenge

The Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment is encouraging applications for the Soil Science Challenge.The competitive process is…[Read More]

Contaminated Land Consultant Certification Policy

NSW EPA has released the Contaminated land consultant certification policy that sets out NSW EPA’s requirements for the use of…[Read More]

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