NSW Draft Water Strategies and review of Water Sharing Plans: Comment sought

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has developed draft regional water strategies for some areas of NSW to help…[Read More]

WA Minister approves drafting of Greenhouse Gas Storage and Transport Bill for WA

The WA Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Johnston has approved the drafting of the Greenhouse Gas Storage and Transport Bill…[Read More]

Changes to Wind Farm Noise Regulations

The Victorian Government is seeking feedback on the proposed Regulations for wind farm noise in Victoria.Wind farms play an important…[Read More]

Draft Contaminated Land Management Regulation 2022: Comment sought

NSW EPA has reviewed the Contaminated Land Management Regulation 2013 to ensure it reflects current best practice and is now…[Read More]

Draft Dangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) Regulations 2022: Comment sought

NSW EPA is remaking the Dangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) Regulations 2014 for the transport of dangerous goods to…[Read More]

Proposed Amendments to Forestry and Protected Area Estates: Comment sought

The QLD Department of Environment and Science is proposing to make a number of amendments to the forestry and protected…[Read More]

Independent Review of NSW Resource Recovery Framework: Comment Sought on Issues Paper

An independent review, led by Dr Cathy Wilkinson, Monash University, is underway on the NSW resource recovery framework and comment…[Read More]

Climate Change Authority Undertakes Review of the Assessment Principles for International Offsets: Comment Sought

The Climate Change Authority has commenced public consultation on its review of the assessment principles for international offsets and is inviting submissions…[Read More]

National Biosecurity Strategy Consultation Draft: Comment Sought

The Federal Government has released a consultation draft on the national biosecurity strategy and welcomes your feedback.The Federal Government including state…[Read More]

Proposed Amendments to Emissions Reduction Fund Regulatory Framework: Comment sought

The Federal Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources is inviting feedback on the recently released consultation paper on the…[Read More]

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