Carbon Farming Handbook

The Federal Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency has released the Carbon Farming Handbook to provide information to landholders, farmers, waste operators and other clean energy businesses wanting to participate in the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI)

The handbook sets out how landholders and farmers can improve their land and farm sustainability while also generating carbon credits that can be sold on domestic and international markets.

The CFI, which opened for business in December 2011, encourages farmers, land owners, local government and other stakeholders to generate extra revenue by reducing agricultural and landfill waste pollution. 

Several methodologies are already approved under the CFI, including flaring landfill gas, methane in piggeries, planting native tree species and reducing pollution from savanna fires.

Further methodologies are currently being developed with the CSIRO, universities, other research bodies and the Federal Government, working together to create dairy cattle food supplementation, enhanced efficiency fertilisers, manure management and soil carbon.

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