Water and Sewerage Pricing Reform: Draft Report

The Essential Services Commission of SA (ESCOSA) has released a draft report for public consultation, putting forward a broad suite of potential reform options for SA Water’s pricing structures and related charging arrangements. ESCOSA Chairperson Dr Pat Walsh said the draft report titled Inquiry into Reform Options for SA Water’s Drinking Water and Sewerage Prices was the result of an 18-month inquiry. Dr Walsh said the draft report was designed to inform public debate on potential reform options for SA Water’s water and sewerage prices in metropolitan and regional South Australia. “ESCOSA’s inquiry has a very specific focus – to look at possible ways in which pricing could be made more economically efficient to maximize growth of the South Australian economy. While social and environmental considerations are of course extremely important, they are out of scope for this inquiry” Dr Walsh said. Meanwhile, the Conservation Council of South Australia has described ESCOSA’s recommendations as environmentally and socially short-sighted. For information on how to make a submission on the draft report, including deadlines, click here.
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