New State Environment Protection Policy (Waters) – Gazetted

The Victorian Government gazetted a new State Environment Protection Policy (Waters) (SEPP Waters).

The purpose of this Policy is to provide a framework for the protection and improvement of water quality in Victorian waters.

The new SEPP (Waters), which commenced on 19 October 2018, replaces two existing statutory policies (and associated Schedules) for surface water and groundwater in Victoria, to provide a single instrument to guide water quality management.

The SEPP (Waters) replaces:

  • State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria)

  • Schedule F3 (Waters of Gippsland Lakes and Catchment)

  • Schedule F5 (Waters of the Latrobe and Thompson River Basins and the Merriman Creek Catchment)

  • Schedule F6 (Waters of Port Phillip Bay)

  • Schedule F7 (Waters of the Yarra River Catchment)

  • Schedule F8 (Waters of Western Port and Catchment)

  • SEPP (Groundwaters of Victoria) 1996

  • Variation to SEPP (Groundwaters of Victoria) 2002
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