The StateofwasteandrecyclinginQueensland 2012  report provides a snapshot of waste generation, resource recovery and waste disposal in Queensland during 2012. 

The report uses data provided from a range of organisations, including local governments and businesses in the waste management and resource recovery industry.

Some of the key findings include: 

  • ·      An 11% decrease, despite population growth, in the amount of domestic kerbside bin waste sent to landfill, from 1.32 million tonnes in 2008–09 to 1.19 million tonnes in 2011–12;

    ·      Approximately 97% of the 700,000 tonnes of green waste reported in 2011–12 was reprocessed, continuing the positive trend from previous years;
  • ·      Approximately 40% of the 2.8 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste reported in 2011–12 was recovered. The amount is comparable to that reported in previous years.  

According to the QLD Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, decision-makers in both government and industry can use the information contained in the report to inform their decision-making, at both state and regional levels.

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