New NABERS energy efficiency rating tool for data centres – launched

On Friday 9 February 2013, the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) released an energy efficiency rating system tool for data centres (which house IT equipment such as servers).


In 2006/07, Australian data centres were responsible for approx 1.5% of Australia’s total annual energy consumption (approx 2 to 3 billion kWh of electricity).  A number of companies these days are producing energy efficiency strategies to ensure low energy usage and costs, due to rising energy charges.


“NABERS Energy for data centres is a set of benchmarking tools for measuring the energy efficiency and environmental impact of a data centre. A rating essentially condenses a large amount of information about a data centre’s energy efficiency and emissions intensity into an easy to understand star rating from one to six, where one is very poor performance and six is market leading.”


These tools were developed over a three year period which included consultation with Australian data centre operators, managers, IT specialists, energy efficiency consultants and state and federal Government agencies.


The following three NABERS rating tools are now available for data centres owners, operators and tenants –


  • “IT Equipment – a world’s first in measuring and benchmarking the energy efficiency of the IT equipment within a data centre.
  • Infrastructure – uses the internationally recognised Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) to assess the efficiency of the building services (e.g. cooling and lighting). For the first time there will be a rigorous, independently assessed and accredited performance rating available for data centre operators.
  • Whole Facility – combines the IT Equipment and Infrastructure rating metrics to assess the energy efficiency of the data centre as a whole.” 

Further information is now available regarding NABERS Energy for data centres.


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