Performance report on Australia’s urban water utilities & rural water service providers

The latest annual reports on the performance of Australia’s urban water utilities and rural water service providers has been released by the National Water Commission this week.  

  • The National Performance Report 2012-11 on Urban Water Utilities – provides a detailed account of the performance of urban water utilities.  The report spans all major performance areas of water resources, including pricing, finance, customer service, asset management, environment indicators and health.  It includes information provided by 79 water utilities that supply approx 18.7 million Australians with their urban water services.
  • The National Performance Report 2010-11: rural water service providers – publishes comprehensive data for 13 rural water service providers across Australia, representing 90% of Australia’s rural network water supply.

 The data covers performance across key areas including characteristics, customer service, the environment water management, and financial indicators. 

Both reports were prepared by the National Water Commission, all state and territory Governments and the Water Services Association of Australia.

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