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Thank you!

Your completed form and payment was successfully submitted to the Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN).  For your records, the information you submitted has also been emailed to you, and a RECEIPT will be issued to you one week prior to the webinar/event – at the time of the AEBN processing your payment.

Processing of your Registration for Webinar/Events

One week prior to the Webinar/Event, the Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) will email to you a confirmation email that will provide details of the Webinar/Event, i.e. Webinar LINK, time of commencement, about the presentation/course notes, etc.  If you have not received your confirmation email one week prior to the Webinar/Event, please contact the AEBN immediately on 03 9397 2511 to ensure you are registered to attend.

Course notes

Presentation notes and any associated course notes will be emailed to you approx two days prior to the Webinar/Event.

Receipt of payment

The correct payment amount must be received prior to attending the Webinar/Event, and we thank you in advance for your payment.

Your payment will be processed one week prior to the webinar/event, during this time a RECEIPT will be emailed to you.  Should you have any queries, please contact the AEBN on 03 9397 2511.


If you are unable to attend the Webinar/Event that you have registered for, a substitute delegate from your organisation is welcomed to attend in your place at no extra charge.  Cancellation must be received by email to registration@aebn.com.au (please place in SUBJECT HEADER “Cancellation”) no later than 7 working days prior to the Webinar/Event for a full refund.  After this period, no refund will be issued, however course notes will be forwarded to you by email following the Webinar/Event.  


For enquiries, please contact the Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) National Office on 03 9397 2511.

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