Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)


The Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) is Australia’s peak organisation, positioning businesses for a sustainable future.

AEBN specialises in representing industry, businesses and councils from across Australia on environmental and carbon matters that are likely to impact its member organisations.

The AEBN is a membership based organisation and provides its members with 10 core membership benefits in order to keep its members at the forefront of their environmental and carbon obligations, including funding availability, networking opportunities, free legal advice and much more.

AEBN membership comprises of small to multinational organisations from across all sectors, Australia wide.

The organisation operates from its National Office in Melbourne, Australia and delivers its services nationally.

The AEBN was established in 1999 and is led by Tina Khoury, who is an expert in environmental programs for industry and businesses in Australia and has a thorough understanding of environmental issues impacting on businesses.  Tina Khoury has led the AEBN since its inception.

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