The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper

AEBN responded to the Commonwealth Government’s document Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper. AEBN supports most of the design the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) in principle. However, the way in which the CPRS deals with carbon leakage and the protection of Emissions Intensive Trade Exposed (EITE) industries can be significantly improved.

 AEBN argues that the definition of EITEs should be broader and their corresponding treatment should be undertaken in a sector-by-sector approach. This approach is more consistent with current state driven environmental controls such as site licences. Ultimately, sectoral agreements should be available to specific products as well. The trade exposure of EITEs points to international trade needing considerable attention. As all tariffs are product based under GATT, product level detail may be required over the longer term.

Download the submission: Response to The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper -- 129.02 kB pdf

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