Submission on NSW’s draft Major Hazards Facilities Regulation

AEBN raised concerns over the full cost recovery from MHF sites for the operational costs of the government’s MHF Unit. Fees of over $50,000 p.a. were exposed as being inequitable and undermining NSW as a state for investment for major facilities. This is in contrast to Queensland which charges no fees and Victoria which costs at least 70% of the proposed NSW fees. AEBN proposes a simple 2 level approach consisting of:

  • An initial flat fee set at about half of the average costs
  • Estimated additional hours based on an assessment of the MHF site on an annual basis

 As an hourly rate will apply to most sites, a cap on the maximum fee levels would also be required to provide confidence that a blank cheque will not be required. Implementation of the MHF regulation should consider the poor progress on the development of all the guidelines and support documentation. A change in the period of grace for MHF implementation is considered appropriate, and AEBN suggests adding 6 month to the time frame.

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