Submission IPARTs Regulatory Arrangements for the NSW Distribution Network Service Providers from 1 July 2004

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal sets the maximum prices for government monopolies in NSW. Transport of electricity through the wires to you site is controlled by what are called Distributed Network Providers and they are proposing to raise prices by about 10% next year. But the last 11% of capacity in the wires networks is used for only 25 hours each year, on very hot summer days.

AEBN submission strongly pushes for better demand management to flatten these peak loads and therefore reduce the need for more. We estimate that up to $1 billion over 5 years can be saved if the correct pricing signals and a more flexible tariff arrangements can be offered to industry. If Sydney does not embrace demand management then we will experience increased costs and end up with substantial payments under the NSW Greenhouse Abatement Levy due to inefficient electricity use.

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