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NSW EPA Strategic Plan 2021-24

NSW EPA has released their Strategic Plan 2021-24.  The Plan, together with the NSW EPA Regulatory Strategy (reported in last…[Read More]

Regulatory strategy of NSW EPA for 2021-24

NSW EPA has released its regulatory strategy for 2021-24 that outlines the purpose of NSW EPA, its guiding principles and…[Read More]

Fine for company for accepting and storing asbestos contaminated waste at contaminated soil treatment facility

NSW EPA has fined a company $15,000 for allegedly accepting and storing asbestos contaminated waste at their contaminated soil treatment…[Read More]

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Assisting councils with planning and managing coastlines and estuaries

The latest round of funding under the NSW Government’s Coastal and Estuary Grants Program is now open to councils to…[Read More]

Preventing runoff from building sites – to ensure compliance

NSW EPA released results from the May 2021 Get the Site Right inspection blitz that show more work is needed…[Read More]

Waste and recycling management during Covid-19 lockdown in NSW

NSW EPA has released the following information for businesses relating to waste management:Coronavirus (COVID-19) Keeping waste and recycling facilities openCoronavirus…[Read More]

Noise: NSW EPA’s approach to investigating noise issues

NSW EPA has released a brief publication on its approach to investigating noise issues.  The publication covers:Commercial and industrial premises…[Read More]

Powers and Notices Guideline for NSW EPA Officers

NSW EPA has released a guideline for authorised and enforcement officers to assist them to understand and use their powers…[Read More]

Over $200,000 in penalties for asbestos waste

A person has been convicted in a NSW local court of polluting land by the deposition of soil containing asbestos…[Read More]

$20K fine for tyre stockpiling

A tyre recycling company has been fined $20,000 for dangerously and excessively stockpiling waste tyres following prosecution by the NSW…[Read More]

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