NSW EPA releases ‘Truck Inspection Manual’ to prevent hazardous fires

NSW EPA has released the Truck Inspection Manual  to assist drivers of trucks and businesses on how to identify preventable causes of truck fires. It applies to all heavy vehicles, not only those transporting dangerous goods.

Many truck fires are preventable. Factors that may cause fires can be identified and eliminated before the vehicle takes to the road and/or can be identified by the driver before or during a trip.

Truck fires can create serious incidents and hazards especially those trucks that transport dangerous goods, especially in bulk.  These serious incidents can cause loss of life, extensive harm to the environment, impact to people and property over a wide area and this Manual is intended to assist in identifying preventable issues before the truck takes to the road and/or leaves your site.

This guidance applies to all types of heavy vehicles and identifies preventable causes of truck fires but it does not apply to fires started as a result of chemical reaction within the cargo, or after a crash, impact.

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