AEBN 2021 National Environment Compliance Webinar – 24 February 2021



Please view an electronic version of each presentation by presenters at the recent Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) 2021 AEBN National Environmental Compliance Conference Webinar that was held on 24 February 2021 –

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LOTSEARCHspatial intelligence | mapping risk

LOTSEARCH are leading providers of environmental reports helping to identity risk to land and property.  Their services are regularly used by environmental consultants, lawyers and property managers to identify contaminated land, natural hazards, and planning risks. Reports are available for any site in Australia and provide a fast, accurate, and best practice approach to ensure your due diligence is completed to the highest standards.

For further details, please refer to the attached LOTSEARCH brochure or visit, T 02 8287 0680 or E

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