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Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)

Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)

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Support Partners  –

     V & C Environmental Consultants                       Guthrie-Lawyers          

           Peter J Ramsay & Assoc                         



A practical course for personnel responsible for environmental and sustainability matters within their organisation

This 2 day Course is designed to take you through the latest practical applications and tools on how to best manage environmental responsibility within your organisation.  The Course will include an understanding of the environmental regulatory framework within the Commonwealth, States and Territories and will cover recent key reforms from across Australia.  The Course will provide a practical and legal perspective by the experts on environmental obligations and responsibilities of businesses operating in Australia, in order to prevent the pitfalls.  The Course will be delivered by  leading environmental, energy and legal experts.

Failure to understand and comply with your organisation’s environmental obligations can result in significant penalties to your Directors and business.


The Course will include:

  • Environmental legislation, regulations and requirements: 

    An overview of the Commonwealth, States and Territories environmental regulatory framework 
  • Legal obligations of businesses: 

    A legal perspective on liabilities, penalties and avoiding risk to your organisation and its Directors
  • The rules and practical applications for managing –
    • Water, Land, Air Quality, Noise
    • Planning requirements
    • Waste management and minimisation
      • Dealing with waste and hazardous waste (Prescribed Industrial Waste (PIW), PFAS, PFOS…)
      • Waste Types and categorisation
      • Waste treatment options, including waste to energy

  • Trade waste 
    • Overview of trade waste regulatory system
    • Understanding of typical trade waste treatment methods
    • Use of wastewater treatment chemicals
    • Alternative approach to trade waste management
  • Contaminated Land 
    • Identifying and managing site environmental issues
    • Environmental due diligence

  • Energy efficiency and Renewable energy
  • Carbon management – meeting requirements –
    • Climate change and the potential impacts to businesses
    • Renewable Energy Target
    • National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting
    • Emissions Reduction Fund
    • Victorian Energy Efficiency Target 
    • Others

  • Reporting requirements:  
    • National Pollutant Inventory
    • Packaging Covenant
    • Reporting requirements under an organisation’s licence or agreement 

  • Beyond Compliance
    • Environment Management Systems (EMS) – Overview of ISO 14001 and other management systems
    • Environmental auditing
    • Compliance management tools

  • Achieving Sustainability
    • Supply chain management
    • Lifecycle assessment
    • Cleaner production
  • Hands-on practical workshop – Managing environmental risk

Note:  This Course is limited to 12 participants. 


  • Facilitator:  Tina Khoury – CEO, Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)
  • Peter Ramsay – Managing Director, Peter J Ramsay & Assoc
  • Andrew Green – Associate, Peter J Ramsay & Assoc
  • Mark Van Schotten – Associate, Peter J Ramsay & Assoc
  • Nathan Williams – Senior Consultant, Peter J Ramsay & Assoc
  • John Newton – General Manager – Commercial, Syntek Environmental
  • Vic Natoli – Director, V & C Environmental Consultants
  • Gabrielle Guthrie – Principal, Guthrie Legal
  • Julia Bilyanska – Assoc Director, Audit, Assurance & Risk Consulting, Sustainability Services, KPMG
  • Steve Tonner – Assoc Director, Advisory, Sustainability Services, KPMG
  • Marina Lou – Strategy and Policy Manager, Energetics

Who should attend?

The Course is especially relevant to personnel:

  • seeking an understanding of the environmental regulatory framework and environmental laws that apply to businesses across Australia
  • seeking an update of environmental issues and risks that organisations face today
  • that have resumed responsibility for environmental and/or sustainability matters of their site or organisation 
  • seeking an overall understanding of this dynamic area of environmental business management and sustainability management practices.

Networking Opportunity

This 2 day Course will provide ample networking with presenters and delegates during AEBN Networking Refreshment breaks (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea).  All refreshments will be included throughout the Course.

All delegates will receive electronic course notes at the Course.  



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