RISK MANAGEMENT: How to Demonstrate Environmental Compliance and Effectively Communicate with Environment and Safety Regulators: JUNE 28, 2019

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 How to Demonstrate Environmental Compliance and Effectively Communicate with Environment and Safety Regulators 

Presented by the

Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)

Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)

 In association with

Proud Workshop Partners

V & C Environmental Consultants  AND  Guthrie Legal

V & C Environmental Consultants Guthrie-Lawyers

Are you confident that you can demonstrate compliance to the Environment Regulators?

Are you prepared to respond to a visit/investigation by the Environment and Safety Regulators? 

Do you fully understand your RIGHTS and OBLIGATIONS when dealing with Regulators?

With the ongoing focus of strict compliance by Environment and Safety Regulators across Australia, it is imperative that organisations understand their obligations and are able to effectively demonstrate compliance to the Regulators.  Businesses are subject to comprehensive regulation and monitoring by one or more Regulators.  If you cannot effectively demonstrate compliance, Regulators have the powers to enforce standards and potentially apply significant penalties to your organisation and its Directors.

This practical Workshop will provide the latest from a legal and environmental management expert’s perspective and a practical approach to demonstrating compliance, including exploring compliance under the new Victorian Environment Protection (Amendment) Act that comes into effect on 1 July 2020, as well as the tools to effectively communicate with the Regulators.


  • Essentials of Environmental Compliance and Governance – a legal perspective:
    An overview of the key requirements of legal compliance and governance, including –
    • The legislative framework for environmental laws (a National focus): 
      • Acts, Regulations and Policies;
      • Licensing requirements; 
      • Breadth of potentially applicable environmental legislation: 
        • Pollution, Water, Land, Air, Waste, Noise, Climate Change, and Biodiversity;
      • Corporate Responsibility:  Corporate, Director and Environmental Manager Liability
    • The core components of an Environmental Management System:
      • Essential actions to meet a due diligence defence;
      • Court cases examining environmental compliance.
    • Governance actions for Directors and Boards.

  • Victorian Environmental Regulation Update – a legal perspective:
    • Exploring the key changes to Environmental requirements in Victoria that relate to the new Environment Protection (Amendment) Act commencing 1 July 2020, including:
      • New pollution incident reporting duties;
      • New Contaminated Land Assessment, Reporting and Management duties;
      • New Compliance duties requiring risk assessment of activities that may have an environmental impact;
      • Changes to Environmental Licensing.

  • Demonstrating Compliance – a practical examination of compliance actions –
    • What does “Compliance” mean and WHY do we need to comply?
    • What do we need to COMPLY with?
    • How do we ACHIEVE compliance?
      • Identifying legislation for each activity, product and service
      • Developing controls to meet compliance obligations
    • How do we ENSURE we are complying?
      • Monitoring compliance
      • Correcting non-compliance
    • Not only complying, but the ability to “Demonstrate” compliance
      • Maintaining compliance records
    • Beyond compliance that relates to the new Victorian Environment Protection (Amendment) Act 
  • Communication with Regulators –
    • How to approach and respond to Regulators
    • The Regulators’ view
    • Liaising effectively with Regulators
    • Understanding the investigation process
    • When to engage legal representation 
  • Group discussion of Key Outcomes.


  • Facilitator:  Tina Khoury – CEO Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)
  • Vic Natoli – Director, V & C Environmental Consultants
  • Gabrielle Guthrie – Principal, Guthrie Legal
  • Chris Molnar – Partner, Kennedys Lawyers (invited)

Course notes and Networking Opportunities

  • A comprehensive set of course notes will be provided to all delegates.
  • Refreshments will be provided throughout the course of the day.
  • The session provides the opportunity to Network with presenters and delegates during AEBN’s Networking refreshment breaks.

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