WORKSHOP: 29 JUNE 2018 – Effective tools for Communicating with Environment and Safety Regulators


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Presented by the

Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)

Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)

 In association with

Proud Workshop Partners

Guthrie LegalV&C Environmental Consultants

 1.20pm for 1.30pm to 5.00pm
29 June 2018


How prepared are you to respond to a visit/investigation by the Environment and Safety Regulators?  Do you fully understand your Rights and Obligations when dealing with the Regulators?

At times, in spite of you having good planning and procedures in place, sometimes things just go wrong.  Whether it be from equipment failure, third party interventions or mistakes being made, incidents at industrial sites do occur.  In these circumstances, it is important that you understand your Rights and Obligations when dealing with the Regulators. 

At this AEBN Workshop, leading Environmental, Planning and Safety lawyers and experts will provide you with the tools and guidance to effectively communicate with the Regulators to minimise risk to your organisation and Directors.  The Workshop will explore – 

  • Who are the Regulators from across Australia,
  • What are their Powers across jurisdictions such as powers of Entry, Search and Seizure…;
  • Understanding your legal Rights and Obligations;
  • How you should respond to the Regulators at a visit and/or investigation to minimise the risk to you, your organisation and Directors.



The Workshop will cover:

  • Effective communication with the Regulator MINIMISES the legal risk
    • The current regulatory enforcement landscape:
      • Who are the environmental and safety Regulators?
      • Trends in enforcement activities
      • Current areas of focus for EPAs
      • Some recent case examples of poor communication which has lead to significant enforcement
  • What to do when things go wrong –
    • An overview of the powers of the Environmental Regulator
    • Your organisations and Director’s obligations and Rights
    • What you should do when things do go wrong
  • The Environmental Investigation by the Regulator – Communicating with Regulators after an environmental incident or environmental non compliance
    • The investigation process
    • Your rights in the investigations
    • Answering questions – what should you say and what you should not
    • Attending interviews by the Regulator
    • Producing documentation
  • Dealing with the Safety Regulator and why it is important to understand the difference
  • What to do when an Inspector calls
    • Site preservation obligations
    • Do’s and Don’ts
    • What are your Rights?
    • Offences against inspectors
    • Separate representation
  • Practical legal tips for effective Communication
  • Legal privilege – what is it and how does it work?
    • Voluntary environmental audits – benefits and perils
    • Practical tips for maintaining privilege
  • Case study on ‘Understanding your Regulators’



  • Facilitator:  Tina Khoury – CEO Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)
  • Gabrielle Guthrie – Principal, Guthrie Legal
  • Vic Natoli – Director, V & C Environmental Consultants 
  • and more…



A comprehensive set of course notes will be provided to all delegates as well as the opportunity to Network with presenters and delegates during AEBN’s Networking refreshment breaks (afternoon tea and lunch).


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