VEET Regulations amended and further information on project based activities

The Victorian Essential Services Commission has announced that the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations 2008 have been amended to allow scheduled activity premises (large energy users, formerly registered participants in the EPA’s Environment and Resource Efficiency Plans (EREP) program), previously excluded from the VEET scheme, to opt-in to the VEET scheme.

Scheduled activity premises that opt-in are able to generate certificates under the scheme, which will create associated liabilities for energy retailers under the scheme. These amendments were effective on 1 August 2017. For further information on the changes is available in the ESC information bulletin.

Also, the ESC has released further documentation for parties interested in participating in project-based activities (methods that help businesses access incentives for large and custom projects) using the measurement and verification method. The measurement and verification method allows businesses to claim incentives by calculating the grid electricity or gas saved from a specific or range of energy efficiency improvement projects using industry-standard measurement and verification techniques.

The further documentation on project-based activities includes new explanatory notes for activity guidance and compliance requirements as well as application forms for scoping and project plans and variations. These documents are available here and further information on project-based activities is available here.

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