Membership to AEBN will keep you at the forefront of your environmental obligations;
Provide access to a team of experts that understand compliance and
identify opportunities for improvement; and
Introduce you to new leads through networking


The Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) Membership services are designed to assist all environmental practitioners, within small to multinational organisations across Australia, in managing their organisation’s environmental and carbon obligations. 

Our members view Membership to the Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) as employing a team of environmental experts, at minimal cost, to provide you with –

  • the latest changes of your environmental and carbon obligations on a weekly basis – (includes changes to legislation, guidelines, policies, reviews, funding opportunities, government initiatives, new technologies and case studies on environmental best practices);

  • training and education by the experts;

  • legal advice by national and international lawyers (30 minutes at no cost);

  • introductions to potential clients through AEBN Networking forums;

  • introductions to new industry leads within the private and public sectors, acedemia, leading environmental lawyers and consultants, environmental practitioners and members with a similar interest at AEBN events and Networking forums; 
  • consultancy by environmental and chemical management experts;

  • the opportunity to promote your environmental best practice to your clients and potential clients through the AEBN;

  • the opportunity to write articles to benefit our members – from a legal perspective (by lawyers) or environmental best practice (by environmental management experts) for the weekly AEBN Environment Network Weekly (ENW) e-news;

  • providing you with solutions and new technologies for your organisation – to position you for a sustainable future;
  • and more.

For details with regards to Membership to the Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN), please click –

For enquiries, please contact the Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) National Office on 03 9397 2511.



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