CONFERENCE – 2 MARCH 2018: New Environmental Laws, New Energy Developments and Funding for Business in 2018

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Conference –

*Changes expected over the NEXT 12 MONTHS to environmental laws, energy policy, supply, security and price, and funding for business from across Australia*

Presented by the

Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)

In association with

Proud Principal Partners

Guthrie Legal Guthrie Legal





A number of significant changes within the environment and energy arena are expected to take effect in 2018 that will impact the way industry, business and councils will manage their environmental obligations and energy decision making. 

The Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) together with proud Principal Partners – Guthrie Legal and AECOM have developed this Conference to provide the latest changes expected OVER THE NEXT 12 MONTHS on environmental laws and requirements, new energy developments that relate to energy policy, supply, security and price, and Funding for business from across Australia – to ensure you are –

  • compliant; 
  • making informative decisions,
  • managing the risks; and
  • planning for 2018!

The Conference will provide an all round perspective by the Regulators, environmental lawyer and environmental, climate change and energy experts  to assist you in understanding IF, HOW and WHEN change should be implemented within your business operations.

The Conference is designed to assist you to plan for 2018! 



The Conference Program will focus on the –

  • Changes expected over THE NEXT 12 MONTHS on environmental laws and requirements, and new Energy developments that relate to Energy policy, supply, security and price for business in 2018 – from across Australia

  • Changes to legislation, guidelines and policies expected in 2018;

  • Funding opportunities available in 2018 from across Australia;

  • Latest developments from across Australia – Commonwealth, VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, WA, TAS;

  • Hear from the Regulators, Environmental lawyer,  and the experts;

  • The Conference is designed to assist you to Plan for 2018!

(Program released soon!)


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