WORKSHOP – NOV 22, 2017: CONTAMINATED LAND: Mitigating Risks associated with Contaminated Land Management






Mitigating Risks associated with Contaminated Land Management WORKSHOP 

Presented by the 
Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)

Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)

In association with

Proud Workshop Partners –
Peter J Ramsay & Associates



Guthrie LegalGuthrie Legal


  • The laws and requirements for managing contaminated land within the Commonwealth, VIC, NSW, QLD & SA

  • Emerging issues, such as PFAS and Asbestos in soils, and related issues

  • A legal perspective on Managing your Consultants and Contractors

  • Assessment and remediation options – strengths and weaknesses of each process

  • New technologies

  • Best practice options for managing contaminated sites

Site contamination remains a significant legal and commercial issue for landowners, occupiers, developers, sellers, purchasers and councils dealing with the management of contaminated land. 4

The Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) together with our partners, has developed this Workshop to bring you up to speed with the latest contaminated land laws and requirements from across Australia; Emerging contaminants such as PFAS and Asbestos in soil including related issues; a legal perspective on managing your Contractors; Examine the different assessment and remediation options and the strengths and weaknesses of each process; Emerging technologies; and best practice options for the management of contaminated land and more.   

The Workshop is designed to provide the most up to date information to assist you in preventing the pitfalls which can often be experienced by those involved in managing contaminated land.  

You will hear an all-round perspective by the lawyers, contaminated land management experts, landowner’s perspective on remediating and developing contaminated land. 

Troubleshooting session:   Participants are encouraged to bring along certain issues to discuss with our lawyer and experts.


The Laws from across Australia and a legal perspective:  Advice for property owners, developers, occupiers, sellers, purchasers and councils:

  • The laws and a legal perspective regarding your obligations for managing contaminated land from across Australia; including –
    • Emerging issues such as PFAS and Asbestos in soil
  • A legal perspective on –
    • Managing the legal risks of contaminated land and transfer liabilities
    • How to prevent the pitfalls –  
      • buying,
      • selling,
      • developing…
    • Managing your Contractors

Preventing the pitfalls by contaminated land experts  

  • Preventing the pitfalls when managing contaminated land

Buying, Selling, Assessing, Auditing, Remedial Options:

  • Buying and selling contaminated land –
    • the process of due diligence
    • Review of contract/section 32 and environmental reports
    • Reliance on previous environmental reports
    • Undertaking an independent environmental investigation
  • Assessing and auditing contaminated land –
    • Preliminary site investigation
    • Detailed site investigation
    • Risk assessment
    • Environmental audit
    • Remediation and Cleanup to Extent Possible (CUTEP)
    • Capping and containment
    • Environment Management Plans
  • Managing contaminated land:
    • Mitigating risks
    • Managing contaminants such as PFAS and Asbestos in soil
    • Other remedial options
      • Remediation Technologies
      • Alternative land us
  • Case study:  New technologies – The integrated waste treatment and resource recovery facility that treats contaminated soils and other Prescribed Industrial Waste

A landowner and contaminated land expert’s perspective on developing contaminated land – 
Managing Consultants and Contractors:

    • Planning Phase
    • Development Phase
    • Engaging the right consultant/auditor
    • Engaging the right contractor

Troubleshooting with the experts:  Participants are encouraged to bring along issues to troubleshoot with the lawyers and our experts.


  • Facilitator:  Tina Khoury – CEO, Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)

  • Dr Darren Bennetts – Associate, Peter J Ramsay & Associates

  • Gabrielle Guthrie – Principal, Guthrie Legal

  • John Newton – General Manager, Syntek Environmental

  • Marinos Angelodemou – Founder and CEO, Renex Group

Networking Opportunities

The Workshop will provide the opportunity to network during AEBN’s refreshment breaks.

A comprehensive set of course notes and refreshments (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea) will be provided during the course of the day.



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